About Us

Actual Studio is a graphic design agency based near Cardiff. From our South Wales studio we work with clients from all over the UK, developing their brands to stand out from the crowd and effectively communicate with their audience.

We adopt an ideas-based approach to design and are committed to finding the best solution that works for you and your business.

Our services include logo design and branding, web design and development, print and digital marketing materials and much more. We work with an eclectic range of businesses and organisations from all over the country, particularly in the healthcare sector and construction industry.

What our clients say

Be it newsletters, marketing brochures or our recently completed website, their work is always current and relevant to our business sector and we have received excellent feedback from our clients over the last twelve months

Lee Bishop
Chessmann Consulting

We have used Actual Studio for every major graphic design project we have undertaken, from logo to website design, and the work done has always met our needs precisely and been of the highest quality

James Karran
Solace / Llan